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Long time, no update. I was bored, so I put the quote archive back with the more up to date quotes, and tabulated the new scoreboard. It didn't change too much, except in scale. Don't expect anything else. I wonder if anyone still goes to this website?

Lawrence Arms songs to download:
The Revisionist

Well folks, it's been fun. But I'm tired of maintaining the site, so I am transferring all control of quote-taking capabilities over to the yahoo group, which can be found here. Now there's a database where anyone can add quotes. So, go ahead over there, and add your own quotes, and if they suck, they can easily be removed. I will leave the site around, and maybe put up pictures from time to time. Who knows.

Updated: Some quotes, but I can't remember some of them. I know Katie, Jordan, and Emily all need points for a bunch of stuff, but I can't remember any of them. And, some one has to have a scanner cuz there are some freakin hilarious pictures I need to get on here. For example, all of us changing Kutch's tire. The sooner I find a scanner, the sooner they'll be available.

Some of the events of last night, we won't talk about again for a while. Anyway, updates in quotes and role models and also some really REALLY scary pictures. Seriously, some of these pictures, you may not wanna see, but you probably will anyway. You've been forewarned.

Update: Quotes, Role models, People, Convos

Updated: Quotes, pictures, funny people in Jacksonville, maybe something else soon.

Sometimes, when you don't get much sleep, you can't remember specific quotes. This happened this week. Help please?

Don't you love it when a quick, 10 minute trip turns into a 4-hour waiting period. I sure do. Minivans suck. Majorly.

Well, attempts were made at the biggest hide-and-seek game of all time in San Marco. Then we realized it was an accident waiting to happen. We did do a short Manhunt game back in the neighborhoods, but the bugs were bad and the residents were probably going to sleep. Then the real fun started. Sitting on a bench by the San Marco theater, some old guy comes up to us. He says, "Hey, you guys wanna talk to an old guy?" Clearly noticing that his BAC had skyrocketed since the last time we saw him walk by, we decided to humor him. We had been talking about our blacklisted relatives. For some reason he asked Danny his name. Danny responded: "Jim." "What's your last name?" Long pause. "Led...better..." Smooth. Then, to Katie, he says, "Mandy, what's your name?" Katie responds, "Cliff." Emily says, "Listen, you sound like you should just go home to your wife." He says, "You know... I would love to go home to my wife... get up on top of her... and just screw her brains out." (Enter intense laughter here) Then Lauren walks up. Our new friend says, "Hey Cynthia! Get over here; we're talking about getting on top of our wives." He continues to lecture us on the finer points of marital friskiness before his poor designated driver drags him away. Wow. This summer is promising. Streaking. Manhunt. Horny drunks. Can we top this?

Well, the first long-winded anecdote begins. So, tonight the Dream Team, (AKA: Chris, Emily, Jordan, Sam, Annie, Danny, Katie, and myself) met at the park in San Marco to do a little swinging and stuff. Then it was off to European Street for dinner. We were loud and obnoxious, as usual, and I'm sure some people were relieved when we left. On the way out, we saw Mr. Scott and his wife in a heated debate about Iraqi prison abuse. Mr. Scott lost. Then we all had a big random conversation and hung out for a while. Big fun. Then it was back to the big gazebo thing in San Marco to chill. But the fun didn't end there. Sam had the brilliant idea to streak by Mr. Mackay's house. So after some intense planning, we were ready. Alpha Squadron: Sam, Emily, Katie, Chris, and myself. Bravo Squadron: Annie, Jordan, Danny, and Lee. Bravo went ahead to park by Mackay's house while Alpha made the necessary preparations. Emily acquired a Sharpie from Moe's to write "Mackay!" on Sam's bare back. We cleared out Katie's trunk so Sam could jump in. Then we got directions and headed off. Turning down Mackay's street, we turned off our lights to be discreet. We parked a good 4 houses away across from Annie. Then we saw a figure moving outside Mackay's house. We all freaked and ducked thinking it was him, but he had different hair, so it couldn't have been. THen Mackay, undoubtedly, walked outside. The ducking continued. Sam was ready in his boxers, but decided not to go all naked. That would just have been weird. Especially with the other guy there. Bravo Squadron gets out of the car and opens the trunk for Sam. WE all huddle behind the car formulating the plan. Annie runs over to offer input as well. Then we realize that Mackay's gone. Then he comes back with a huge piece of 2x4. We finally decide what to do. Annie goes back to the Alpha Base while the rest od us pile into Katie's car, with Sam behind us, pumped. We drive by with the windows rolled down and scream "MACKAY!" Sam runs behind us, in only his boxers, screaming like a maniac and waving his arms. Mr. Mackay just sighs and shakes his head. The other stranger however, started walking towards Sam. Very weird. So Sam kept running. Katie stopped so Sam could open the trunk. It was on of those pnuematic opening trunks, so it was slow opening. And very funny. Sam jumped in and Chris and Emily got out to close the trunk. Then we continued driving to the end of the street. We turned around and told Mr. Mackay to have a nice summer. Then it was back to San Marco to regroup. Chris called Mr. Mackay. "Hi. Is Ben there? Yes, this is Bill. From the mortgage company. Mackay responded with "Really. You sound more like Chris Wootson." Excellent. So we talked for a while. Apparently he had just gotten back from out of town. The stranger was his brother-in-law. He had thought it was Sam and the Gleasons. All around, it was the funniest way to kick off summer ever. Lee was frightened. We told Mackay it was all her idea. I'm sure the summer insanity will not stop here. Stay tuned for more long drawn-out stories like this one, and the funniest quotes from each event. Also, I'm gonna start giving out big time role model points. So, after a brief slow point due to school, is now back, in full force, in its true summer form. Enjoy.

Big time quote update. Check it out. School's over tomorrow. Website will be updated more frequently.

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Hey. Annie made a yahoo group. It's here.

I know what you're thinking: "Hey. I asked a whole bunch of questions in Mr. Mackay's class. Why didn't I get the Questioner of the Year Award?" Wanna know who you have to take out in order to get it next time? Well, I'm putting up all the awards. All of them. We'll go by periods. Starting with mine:

Amir - Most likely to give Mackay a million dollars
David Page - The McDowell, representing everything that is wrong with the school system
Sarah - The Mruz
Gail - The Abraham Lincoln Leadership Award
David Warren - The Memory Award
Tyler - The Panama Lumberjack Award (even Mackay doesn't know what this means)
Davis - Coolest Goofy Kid
Sinette - Coolest Kid
Allen - Golden Slacker Award
Marlan - Huzzah Award
Jordan Robson - Achievement in Asparagus
Nori - "Laughter is the Best Medicine" Award
Kai - Role Model for Mackay's Daughter
Tiffany - The Future Walmart Greeter Award
Lee - Best Student (Included trophy)
Walker - The Oh Brother Where Art Thou Award
Pam - Most Unique
Jordan Northup - The Adam Sandler Anger Management Award
Kimyata - The Nice Award
Kim - The "Too Good To Be True Student" Award
Rebecca - The Questioner of the Year Award
Danny - The John Foster Dulles Cold Warrior Award
Ariane - The Kelly Clarkson Miss Independent Award
Han - The Pert-Plus Quiet-Perky Award
Ines - The "Mr. Milner Don't Stand So Close to Me" Award
Julia - The Most Least Clothing Award
Inessa - Most Artistic Ellen - The Jimmy Plank Fan Club Award
Emily - The Frugal Gourmet Award
Lyndsey - Most Likely to Not Be in Class

Ethan - Most Talent Not Pertaining to History
Kortland - The Kortland Award
Brad Sheng - Best Makeup
Jessica Wilkinson - Most Blonde
Tess - Premiere Vocalist
Steven - The November Award
Monica - Most Likely to Surprise You at a High School Reunion for Being Something Wacky
Taylor Reemsnyder - Friendliest
Jillian - Most Likely to be Barbara Walters
RF - The NFL Man of the Year Award
Kelly Rowan - The Best Female Athlete Award
Brian Dienes - The San Diego Award
David Tung - The Best Artist Award
Mike Wills - The Howard Cosell Best Inflection Award
Alex Perrone - The AP Economics Award
Donald - The Atheist of the Year Award
Andrew O'Bar - The Mystery Man Award
Devon - Most Interesting
Liwei - Yang 10
Lauren Richter - Golden Spectrum
Storm - Best BSer

Brad Summerville - The Prozac Most Dramatic Award
Erica - The Lindsay Bailet Twin Award
Alana - The Magnetism Award
Patrick - The Slick Willy Clinton Award

Ben Finck - The Rodney Dangerfield I Get No Respect Award
John - The Sleepy Sheep Musician of the Year Award
Annie Levenson - Golden Asparagus
Holden - The Moocher of the Year Award
Gabriella - Most Likely to Actually Use History
Ned - The JFK Smooth Mover Award
Laurel - The Honorary He-Man Woman Hater Award
Kutch - The Karl Rove YOung Politician Award
Lichelle - Least Likely to Be Here To Receive This Award
Pulin - The Future Surgeon Award
Kyle - The Best Male Athlete Award
Jessica Werdenberg - The Salsa Award
Camron - The Giraffe Award
Kathy - The Hi-Low Award
Lindsay Price - The "Come on Punk, Make My Day" Award
Artur - The LBJ Big Daddy Award
Taylor Blackburn - THe Alger Hiss Award
*Rest of list pending*

More teacher superlatives added

This is going to be a long entry. So sit back and hold on to something. Due to the combination of APs, IBs, laziness, and not wanting all C averages, I haven't updated in a solid month. And a week. Therefore, today's updates include some quotes, pictures, role models and a new teacher superlative page. I'll be adding to it off and on. It's right here. That's about it. Not as big as I've planned, but I've forgotten my camera and people have been too busy studying to be funny. That, and I can't remember specifically what went down. Like, we mocked that Spanish AP like nobody's business, I just can't remember how. And made fun of Krieger and her kid profusely. And had comedic discussions about the four horsemen of the apocalypse and Kutch being elected president. But, when you're trying to remember insignificant crap about Rosenzweig and Ramon y Cajal and countless other psychologists, some things get put on the back burner. More good news, the site staff is doubling in size. John may or may not soon be helping me with the site, to make it more cool and less stupid. That's pretty much it. This entry wasn't as long as I had hoped either. Geez, I need some new quotes. Oh well. Peace for now. This one goes out to Kutch. Who is sitting at home. Doing nothing. Forever.

Wow. I'm way behind in updating this thing. WAY behind. April was a busy month. But don't worry. I'm planning big things. BIG things. Huge update coming soon. Here's a taste... John celebrating Arbor Day... Enjoy.

Updated: pictures... Note Danny's espanol dictionario in John's drawing and John's limited edition 8 string guitar in Danny's picture.

John informed me that nobody cares about the movie reviews, so I'm abandoning that idea. But on a good note, Julius visits my website. That means I'm expanding racially. No real updates. Oh wait, some new pictures.

At long last, there are some new quotes. Finally. Even Dr. Renfroe had a good one.

Well, Spring Break was fun while it lasted. Written a total of 6 reviews. Woo. I'm on fire...? I'll start adding quotes again when school starts.

Definitely the quote of the day:
XBigWooX (3:15:17 PM): czech me out
Get it! Cuz he's in Europe... in the Czech Republic... yeah...

I realized that with the movie list, I'm gonna hafta add new movies I see or remember to the end of the list instead of putting them in alphabetical order. Either that or get rid of the numbers. Hmm... I'll do one or the other. I may have done some other reviews.

New stuff... review for The Royal Tenenbaums... funny people... that's all. Hi to everyone in Europe and New York. Happy birthday Brad.

I also made a new section with a list of all the movies I've ever seen. Yeah... I've had some time on my hands. I'm gonna start writing reviews for them and adding little pictures from the movie.

I don't think I'm going to follow the results of the poll as to the hat thing. That was strictly for hypothetical purposes only. Apparently someone also doesn't like Danny very much. Note the comments on the poll. But anyhoo, I am updating finally. Probably got some new quotes... maybe some role model points... and who knows what else. Anyway, for IB little brother/sister day, Marlan and I went all out. We went to Target the night before and got all kinds of awesome stuff. I had already gotten a giant cardboard cutout of Princess Leia. At Target, we got a pool, a kid's tent, skateboards, a talking pony on a stick thing, and some other stuff. Then to finish it off, I made my kid a Mr. Heggood action figure. We had to spend a buncha money and get to school at 7:00, but it was definitely worth it.

These websites are funny:
A few essays
Mitch Hedberg
T-Shirt Hell
The Onion
No updates... I think...

Yet another update today. A new poll. Finally. Now you can vote on what hat you want to see Danny in next. Vote now!

Pictures and Role Models updated too... more possible captions for the scary Kutch picture: "Kutch doesn't just volunteer at the Sulzbacher Center."

I think maybe I should start doing movie reviews like Russel Hainline at, since I see like, a movie or two a week. Friday there were alot of them we could have seen. The Perfect Score. Win a Date With Tad Hamilton. The Butterfly Effect. No, we chose differently. We selected the cinematic masterpiece that is... You Got Served. Wow! This movie was bad. I'm not talking... Big-Trouble-in-Little-China bad, but it was still pretty bad. The script consisted of aproximately 204 "What up dawg's" and 188 "I'm out dawg's", not to mention almost every other stereotypically African American phrase ever said. I like how I'm being really politically correct. Highlight's of the movie were... the dancing was cool. The main girl saying, "Your boy is tripping" completely phonetically like a really white girl. The B2K guy and Roger from Sister Sister doing their little handshake followed by a Howard Dean-like scream. The entire cast trying really hard to be black. Cameos by Wade Robson, Lil Kim, that girl from Cousin Skeeter (named 'Beautifull'), the mom from Sister Sister, Steve Harvey, and what's her name from MTV. I think it was more fun after the movie, reminiscing. We went over every funny thing that happened... and trust me, there were alot. Updated: A couple quotes maybe.

Shameless plug for Kutch:
Freedom's Answer

First of all, check out the one new picture that was just added. Second, I love spanish. The class, not the language. We did these improv restaurant skits today. It was incredible. First, John, Erica, Ben, Liwei, and Robert went. John stole the show of course, because he started hitting on Ben, who was talking to his boss. John said, in Spanish of course, "your head is like... a small melon." Then he started hitting on Liwei and Erica, who was the waitress. John kept telling Liwei that he liked Erica more than her. Then finally, he just said, "vamos a mi casa." Then they left. It was hilarious. But that was only the beginning. Alex Wang was the waiter in the next one, along with Alex Winfree, Kyle, and Duane. So, Kyle and Alex Wang were both equally hysterical. Seriously. It was classic. They were both trying to seduce each other. Kyle would stroke ALex's back while he was talking at the other table. One of the best parts was when Alex brought Kyle his food, with two forks. Kyle was like, "why two forks." And Alex picks it up and slowly eats some imaginary food. Then Kyle does the same. Then Alex held up the "wine glass" so Kyle could drink it but he spilled it. It was hilarious. Finally Duane and Alex left to let the real stars do their work. It was awesome. Mrs. V had that i-am-so-getting-fired-for-this look on her face. Then it was Danny, Brad, Ethan, Brad, Mike, and some other girl. Danny was Brad's rich single father that apparently threw dictionaries and stuff at his son. The other girl was the mom of Brad Sheng, Ethan, and Mike. They were awesome. They were supposed to be badly behaved kids. Mike called Ethan a puta. Danny smacked Brad around. THey started having a food fight. Erin, the waitress made the kids leave as they were yelling "pelea de comida." Then they ran back in and yelled "pelea do zapatos" and started throwing their shoes at everybody. Thay were running around the room screaming. Brad and Ethan started blaying soccer with a plate. Ethan kicked it and started jumping on the desks screaming, "GOAL!" It was amazing. I think Mrs. V had the idea that the two single parents would get together and become one big happy family. Mmmm... try again. Danny made Brad go join the other family. Everybody else just screamed alot. It was just awesome. Ours was the only one that wasn't hilarious. I was supposed to be Julia's late boyfriend. She wanted me to be called Ricardo for some reason. Then Rajiv was supposed to be this confused guy who thought all Mexicans were the same, or something like that. Vlad was the waiter, and Rajiv kept calling him like, Don Quixote, and Speedy Gonzalez and stuff. That was pretty funny. Julia also pushed my desk over when she went to go join the other guy. We ended up getting in a big fight cuz she took my money. Stars of the skits were definitely John, Alex Wang, Kyle, Rajiv, and Ethan. Role madel points will be given accordingly. Updated: Pictures, Role Models, Quotes, Convos.

I want to give John like, a million points... but that would seem a little unfair, so he gets one. He made this scale on the desk in Spanish, ranging from dork to cool. He attempted to place me, Erica, and himself on his little scale. We were both extremely low, and John made himself just under cool. Then he erased the top line altogether, making himself the highest possible coolness. I think he said, "I'm so cool, nobody's even close. Like, not even God." And he drew a line representing God, circled it, and wrote not even close. He's so goin to hell. Anyway, by this time he was drawing a crowd. Brad wanted a place on the scale, so John reasoned that he should be between me and Erica. Since he's Catholic he can be closer to God, but nobody can be closer than halfway to God. I guess John didn't know I was Catholic too. Oh well. THen Danny kindly pointed out that Erica was Jewish, so she indirectly killed Jesus. John dropped her position drastically. He was like, "You're not even as cool as Satan." Then John drew Danny's place. He made two different sections for the dork category, one being heterosexual. The other, waaaaay down at the bottom of the desk, was homosexual. Danny scored in this category. He was not amused. THen came the real dilemma. Where would John put Alex, his girlfriend. He decided to place her exactly at the halfway point, and for some reason draw some kind of L-shaped thing to symbolize it. Anyway, then Jessica wanted a spot, so John said she would be somewhere on the Z-scale, at the same value as Alex but on a lower level. Apparently people that give him sexual favors get higher up on the Z-axis. So I asked "So, people on the Z-scale below zero are ones... that you gave sexual favors to?" He thought for a second, then said, "No, those are the ones that gave other people sexual favors. Like, let's say... Liwei gave you sexual favors. She'd be lower cuz she wasn't giving them to me." That is John's point for the day. Then Mrs. V yelled at us for writing on the desks and Danny for yelling. Then Jessica screamed, "YOUR PENIS!" really loud. Mrs. V is so out of it. Oh, in additional Spanish news, our most recent sub had apparently been barred from all Duval County Public Schools for "unknown reasons" and nobody has any idea how he was allowed on the campus. Even weirder; he knew Alex's dad. Creepy. I feel like writing alot, so, Tuesday, Mr. Harper got the story of the day. When he was single, he was living in some roach infested place, so his friend, without his knowledge, brought in 4 huntsmen spiders, which are freakin enormous to get rid of them. 2 males, 2 females. And they can jump like, huge distances. So they would attack the roaches at all hours of the day and night, like just jumping on them and chasing them around. Then they mated and the females ate the males. Eventually, they started carrying around huge eggsacks. There were like, 100 or more eggs in there, I can't remember. They started out really little, but started to grow. Well, pretty soon the house was infested with them. He tried to catch them all, but they were really really quick and really really smart so they'd get in a corner and he couldn't reach em, and if he went to get a stick or somethin, they were gone. Just imagining him running around the house doing that is just hilarious. Finally, he got 2 lizards, that looked sorta like iguanas. THat got rid of the spiders and the roaches. It was an awesome story. I probably didn't do it justice. Mr. Scott's had some pretty good ones too. They're usually pretty good. And Mackay's are usually good. Krieger tries, but isn't funny at all. Mrs. V, needs to work on her sanity. Renfroe... no stories, but there's just something really funny about her sarcastic tone towards Danny. Basically, between the finer points of gun salesmanship from Harper, squirrel scares from Mackay, and weird anecdotes from Scott's past, we've basically got our fill. I should put some of the quotes I put up here on the quotes page shouldn't I...

Well, yesterday was officially the first day of Spring. Yes. Mid-January. Clearly, as soon as it stops getting cold for any period of time, no matter how short, it means spring is here. In other news, my sister is dumb. Saturday was interesting. Saw 21 Grams, which was weird but good. To quote Jordan, "Danny, you got to see boobs. Don't complain." Then Taylor, Chris, Jordan, Danny, Inessa, and I all piled into Taylor's car and we drove around Riverside looking for Feldman's house. While this little excursion was fruitless, it was pretty funny. Danny yelled stuff out the window for some reason. Taylor drives like a maniac, and occassionally ignores little things on the road, namely laws and such. Also, there are lots of shitty Volvos in Riverside, so it was difficult to find the right one. And since it was dark, Taylor couldn't figure out which was his house. We eventually gave up and went back to San Marco. Taylor deserves lots of points. The book Bloodclots in the Mainstream is really cool. It's written by Rob Santello, friend and merchandise guy for the Bouncing Souls. It's basically a collection of his various road journals, which is pretty funny. Read some of my favorite excerpts here. That's about it. Updates... maybe some quotes? I might have a new pictue too.

Well, we got kicked out of Spanish Honor Society. By we, I mean me, Danny, and anybody else who has neglected to go out of their way to bring in school supplies. It's OK. We didn't wanna go to your stupid sobremesa anyway! Updated: Quotes

Today: Updated quotes and role models. Whatever happened to my Funny Convos page? Hmm...

Fridays is clearly the place to be. I mean, even Mrs. Troup goes there. Yes, the one and only Veronica Troup. WE're sitting there, and Chris goes casually, "oh there's Mrs. Troup." And we're all like, "WHAT!" Yeah, Troup was definitely like, 3 tables away from us. I went over and talked to her. Wow. Awesome.


I don't update much, which is weird because I haven't had much else to do, being sick for the past week or so. But, I didn't have much to update. Well, now I have stuff to update. Tonight = movie and dinner. Paycheck = not so hot. Ben Affleck = bad actor. John + Nick + Danny + Me + Chris = freakin hilarious making fun of the movie. Some girl's weave = In the middle of the floor outside the movie. This dude = had a knife. Fridays = slow. Food = free. Kutch + Coffee dispenser = Spilled coffee. Kutch + Menu = Ordering hot tea. Danny + Boob jokes + Penis jokes + Monica Lewinsky joke + Singing 70s music = Solid gold entertainment. Nick + Danny's Jokes = Nightmares. Danny + the phrase "cyclopic crying" = More Solid Gold Entertainment. Kutch + n = JSA discussion. Nick - Triumph CD - Pokemon Video Game = Nick Before Christmas. Me feeding Chris breadsticks = ?. Kutch + Snickers = You don't want to know. Friday Waiters = On their STD shift. I'm sure this whole equation thing is getting old now. There really aren't any memorable one-liners. Well, I mean, there are... but there are just so many. As Danny said, it's just one of those times when you need to take out a tape recorder and just have the whole conversation on tape. All in all, Paycheck could have been better, the whole experience couldn't have been more hilarious.

I finally got around to making the quote archives. You can get to it here.

OK, i lied. Today is actually my birthday. Oh well. I finally added the pictures that have been on my camera for weeks now. Enjoy!

Cue birthdayÖ now. This weekend was awesome. That’s the second awesome weekend in a row. Who does that? Me and Danny celebrated our birthdays at Dave and Busters on Friday. Highlights include Kutch’s card and John’s card, both of which were hilarious. Also, Danny humping horses, Gail, Inessa, Alex, and Rebecca all doing DDR at the same time, John wasting all his money on coin games, me and Danny destroying Chris and Jordan at the basketball game, and Emily coming for a total of 5 minutes. Eventually, me, John, and Ryan started making a mad dash to collect tickets so we could get a milkshake maker. The guy at the counter talked us out of it though. Then we decided to get as many tickets as we can. We ended up getting a giant Kermit the Frog, which will be brought to school every Friday, along with 3 pillows, one for each of us. Chris ended up getting one too. Mine’s green and says angel, John’s is pink and says diva, and Ryan and Chris’s are orange and say hottie. Me and John got some cool light-up rings too. Then it was off to Starbucks to sit outside and be really loud. Other highlights of the weekend include karaoke at Lisa’s, with Chris dancing to “Sometimes” and Ned running to Panera from behind the fire station in the cold. At Panera, an irate woman was mopping the floor and requested that we not stand, eat, sit, breath, or look at the area she had just mopped. So, we called Kutch over to watch him obliviously stand on the aforementioned mopped floor. She got pretty mad at him, so Kutch offered to help her mop the floor. She was not amused. We were. Then we saw “Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up.” It was excellent. By far, the funniest non-play thing was when me and Nick sat down and Sandra Pryor thought that I was his boyfriend. Seriously, now I have to start acting EXTRA straight. After “DBPLSRRU” we went toÖ drumrollÖ Starbucks, again. Then Chris started stepping in San Marco, as usual. Then we saw Alex Dyal, who joined him. It was very cold. Fun weekendÖ less fun school. Hopefully the birthday will make up for it. UpdatedÖ who knows?

Wow... I could probably write for hours about the hilarity that ensued this weekend. But... if you go to this site, then you most likely know everything. Highlights can be seen in the Quotes and role model sections.
Today's updates: Quotes, Role Models, Funny Jacksonvillians

Today's updates: Added guestbook, Added 3 polls, Added a couple quotes.

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It's been a long time since I did any major updating, so today's the day. First of all, I created a new format for everything. I also reset all scoreboards. I may put up a quote archive that isn't scored however. I had actually made these changes back on the 18th, but there were a few problems. For one thing, Tripod and any Tripod site would not work on my computer. So I decided, hmm, maybe I should make a new website and just start from scratch. So I tried that... and it worked pretty well. But it wasn't up for 4 hours before somebody had hacked into it and put not-so-appealling pictures on it. So... it didn't turn out so good after all. I abandoned that idea and the next day, Tripod worked again. Oh well. Now I'm sticking with this. I'm also considering changed the name to something less... suggestive? Feel free to send suggestions. I went to the Millencolin concert last Thursday, and pictures will be posted soon. Also, I added a new polls page... containing polls. I scrapped some of the less interesting pages as well. That should be all. Enjoy! by David